18 - 8mm Leopardskin Jasper Semiprecious Rounds
19 - 6mm Goldstone Semiprecious Rounds
36 - 4mm Black Onyx Semiprecious Rounds
36 - 2.25x4mm Hematite Thin Discs
22 inches Silver Buddy Braids
1 Nickel Plated Lobster Clasp
2 Nickel Plated 5mm Jump Rings
2 Nickel Plated Bottom Clamp Bead Tip

1. Thread a Nickel-Plated Bottom Clamp bead tip.  Approximately 1 inch from the end of
    the wire make a triple knot in the Buddy Braids on the inside of the bottom clamp.
    Make sure your knot is large enough not to slip out of the bottom clamp bead tip.
    See Illustration 1 Trim the excess Buddy Braids.     

Illustration 1

2. Close the bottom clamp bead tip around the knot by folding the clamp in half.
3. String the following the make the necklace:
- 1 Goldstone Round, 1 Thin Hematite Disc, 1 Black Onyx Round, 1 Leopardskin
    Jasper Round, 1 Black Onyx Round, and 1 Thin Hematite Disc.  Repeat this
           pattern 17 Times.
- Add 1 more Goldstone Round
4. String another Nickel-Plated Bottom Clamp Bead Tip, threading the outside.  Tie
  another set of knots in the Buddy Braids.  Try to get the knots as close to the inside of
  the bottom clamp as possible to eliminate seeing any of the bare Buddy Braids.  See
  Illustration 2.  Trim the excess Buddy Braids.    

Illustration 2

5. Close the bottom clamp bead tip around the knot.
6. Insert the open loop of the bottom clamp bead tip into one of the 5mm jump rings.
   Close the loop. 
7. Open the other 5mm jump ring and inset the loop from the lobster clasp and close the
   jump ring. 
8. Insert the other bottom clamp bead tip into the 5mm jump ring you just added the
   clasp to.  Close the loop.

This pattern makes a necklace that is 20 inches long.  To adjust the length just add or subtract beads!!  Please feel free to use this pattern for yourself, gifts, or even to sell!!!

by Kim Connors
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