2 – Gunmetal 11x15mm Leverback Earrings
2 – Gunmetal 0.020" x 2.4" x .05” Head Pins
2 – Gunmetal 5x6mm Fluted Bead Caps
2 – Gunmetal 5x12mm Scalloped Bead Caps
2 – Gunmetal 2x6mm 4-Leaf Bead Caps
2 – Gunmetal 1.5x4mm Beaded Rondelles
2 – Black Diamond 6mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones
2 – Black Diamond 8mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones
by Kim Connors
Create Earrings

1. Add 1 – Black Diamond 8mm Swarovski Crystal Bicones, 1 – Gunmetal 5x6mm Fluted Bead Caps, 1 – Gunmetal 5x12mm Scalloped Bead Cap, 1 – Gunmetal 1.5x4mm Beaded Rondelle, 1 – Gunmetal 2x6mm 4-Leaf Bead Cap, and 1 – Black Diamond 6mm Swarovski Bicone to a Gunmetal headpin.  Make a 90° bend in headpin above beads.  Using round nose pliers (or any pliers you have) hold the headpin near the angle and bend it around the pliers to make a loop.  Wrap down around headpin creating as many coils as you can.  Trim any extra.  Your drop should look like this:
2. Open the loop of one of the leverback earrings (just twist it like you would a jump ring).  Add the loop of the drop and close the loop of the earring. 

3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the other earring.

Please experiment with other colors to make even more beautiful earrings!!!

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