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Starter Sets and Deluxe Kits
These are the sets we wish we could have purchased when we started beading!
Crystal Assortment Set
Start your crystal collection with this great assortment!  This set is loaded with 528 Buddy Brand Glass Crystal Beads!  You will get 4 dozen of each of the following:  12x9mm Rondelles, 8x5mm Rondelles, 6x4mm Rondelles, 8mm Bicones, 8mm Rounds, 10mm Rounds, 11x7mm Teardrops,4mm Bicones, 4mm Rounds, 6mm Bicones, and 6mm Rounds.  All crystals are separately packaged by style and size.  Colors are random.  If purchased separately all these crystals would cost you over $60.  Save over 50% by purchasing them together in this set!
Cat's Eye Assortment Set
This set includes 655 "A" Quality Glass Fiber-Optic Cat's Eye Beads in an assortment of colors and styles.  You will get 100 - 8mm Rounds, 130 - 6mm Rounds, 200 - 4mm Rounds, 85 - 6x9mm Rice-Shaped, 60 - 8mm Hearts, 40 - 12mm Hearts, and 40 - 12mm Stars.  All beads are separately packaged by style and size.  If purchased separately all these great beads would cost you over $55.  Save over 40% by purchasing them together in this set!
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Get Started Making Jewelry
Do you want to learn how to make your own jewelry or help a friend or loved one learn a new hobby?  This is the perfect deluxe set to make that happen.  This set includes all the tools, supplies, step-by-step instructions, patterns with pictures, and beads.  In this Jewelry Making Set you will get the most important jewelry making tools and the supplies necessary to make a great selection of jewelry projects.  You will be able to make all the great jewelry projects illustrated below.  You are going to learn valuable skills like: how to crimp, how to twist pins, and how to finish off jewelry pieces.  You are going to get handy reference cards you can refer to again and again.  You will also get practice materials so you can perfect your skills!  There is no need to take multiple classes when you can learn everything at home and at your own pace with this kit.  The jewelry projects you will make feature high quality components including semiprecious gemstones, glass crystals, and metal beads and accessories.  When you are done making all the projects in this set you will have learned a great new hobby and be enjoying a new adventure in life!!!