by Kim Connors

2-8 inch lengths of Silver Buddy Braids
2-Silver-Palted Dangle Earrings
2-Silver-Plated Crimp Beads
40-Natural Carnelian Semiprecious Chips
8-4mm Aventurine Semiprecious Rounds
4-6mm Amazonite Semiprecious Rounds
2-8mm Rose Quartz Semiprecious Rounds


1.Start one of the earrings by stringing the following beads (be sure not to let the beads fall off the end of your Buddy Braids.

String: 1 – 4mm Aventurine Round, 10 – Carnelian Chips, 1 – 4mm Aventurine Round, 1 – 6mm Amazonite Round, 1 – 8mm Rose Quartz Round, 1 – 6mm Amazonite Round, 1 – 4mm Aventurine Round, 10 – Carnelian Chips, and 1 – 4mm Aventurine Round.

2.Add a crimp bead to one end of the Buddy Braids.

3.Take the other end of the Buddy Braids and go back through the same crimp bead but in the opposite direction as the other end of Buddy Braids.  See Figure 1.

Figure 1
4.Pull the Buddy Braids snug.  While you are holding the wire snug squeeze your crimp bead.  You should have a loop that looks like Figure 2.

Figure 2
5.Trim the excess Buddy Braids as close to the crimp bead as you can.
6.Twist open the loop of one of the dangle earrings.  Add the beaded earring to the loop of the dangle earring where the crimp bead is.  Twist the dangle earring loop closed.  See Figure 3.

Figure 3
7.Repeat steps 1-6 for your second earring.

Happiness Earrings
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