18x14mm Glass Crystal Rondelle Beads
You will be amazed when you hold these beautiful glass crystal rondelle beads to the light!  Each glass crystal rondelle bead is multifaceted and is approximately 18mm tall and 14mm thick.  Strand sizes vary but are approximately 15 inches long with approximately 30 crystals. Purchase by the strand on the right or in sample packs of 6 beads on the left.  There is no minimum order & free shipping is available!
Crystal AB 18x14mm Glass Crystal Rondelles (Sold per Strand)
1-4 Strands
$6.95 each
5-9 Strands
$6.45 each
10 or More
$5.95 each
Item#: 9010
Best Price
6 Beads = $1.75