by Kim Connors
2 – Copper Earrings
2 – Copper Headpins
2 – Bronzite 8mm Semiprecious Rounds
2 – Aventurine 12x16mm Semiprecious Puff Rectangles
2 – Copper 3x2mm Rondelle Metal Beads
Bronzite Beauty Earrings

1. Take one headpin and add 1 – Aventurine 12x18mm Puff Rectangle, 1 – Copper 3x2mm Rondelle, and 1 – Bronzite 8mm Round.  Create a loop in the headpin. Make a 90° bend in headpin at desired length above beads.  Using round nose pliers (or any pliers you have) hold the headpin near the angle and bend it around the pliers to make a loop.  Wrap down around headpin creating as many coils as you can.  Trim any extra.

2. Open the loop of the earring by gently pulling the decorative accent away from the wire.
3. Add the drop to the earring by adding it to the side that threads through the ear.  See below.

4. Slide the drop down into the loop and close the loop.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other earring.

Solution Graphics